Things I Want to Do This Year

It is a brand new year again and it is the perfect time to make new year's resolutions. I don't know if this will work at all but I believe that if something is written down on whatever platform it will make the person stick to that resolution a bit more... And there's no better place to put my resolutions for this year other than this blog. So here's my 6 for 2016.

1. Better health, better body. I would like to invest in my health and be physically fit before it's too late! As a health professional, I am used to seeing the consequences of unhealthy behavior which has taken its toll to most of the patients I see in the Emergency Department. And majority of conditions treated in the hospital are preventable. So just like what my parents tell me, act now before it's too late.

I will strive hard to at least work-out to keep a toned body and to run/jog/walk to maintain a good cardiovascular system like I have when I was in my early twenties.

2. Be more sociable. I know for a fact that I am an introvert, that I prefer to do things alone, and I can live by myself without relying on others. I have done that for a number of years now and I am quite happy about how things are working. But I would like to open up this year and let other people be part of my year. Besides, that is one of the reasons I moved here in Auckland, to meet more people and hopefully find somebody to openly share my year with.

3. Start a retirement fund and emergency fund. I know this is kind of premature for some, but it's kind of late actually. I should've started earlier. For sure I have started with KiwiSaver already, but other than that I want to have something ready for the unforeseen future. It is okay to spend on things but I'll make sure a fraction of my earnings will go to savings.

4. Travel and go places. I really like nature and I would love to see more picturesque places around New Zealand. I am planning to spend my birthday week in Sydney and have a feel of the urban way of living the land down under has to offer.

5. Connect with old friends. I have a few friends and they are Pinoys from different places in the world right now, mostly from places I have worked before. A simple catch up will definitely be a good start.

6. Make my hobbies my real hobbies. When people ask me what I do outside work, I tell them, "I like landscape photography," sometimes I would add, "I also do videos," and "I blog." I would like to be more active with these activities this year. I am going to use more of my camera and produce photos I can be proud of.

A challenge for me now is how I would be able to do all these things within a year. I promise to visit my resolutions on my year-end blog and reflect on what I have achieved. Again, happy new year!

Photos used in this blog are not mine.


jabbawox2013 said…
I've been following your blog since 2011 when I was still in college. Currently, I'm working here in the kingdom for almost 2 years already. Grabe, ang bilis! :) I'm not sure though but I think we came from the same alma mater [read: Espanya Blvd.] During your free time, please contact me thru my email as I have few queries re: migrating there in NZ. Wishing you best of luck on your endeavors this 2016!
Summer said…
Hi! I also have new year's resolutions. One of it is to pass the IELTS. I want to go and live in NZ for special reasons. Hope I could read tips in reviewing/passing the exam or maybe share your experience. Thanks a lot! God bless!
Nerisza said…
Hello Sir! I'm a huge fan of your great blog..
May I know your FB account? I would like to know more about the blogger himself if that's possible? Thanks in advance! ;)
Karen Rose said…
Nice blog. I learned a lot from reading your entries. I've been dreaming of living and working in NZ but it'll take a while before I can transfer. I'm currently working as a nurse in Doha for a year now. Hopefully someday I can move to NZ.
Good morning sir, gusto ko po sana makakuha ng first hand guidelines for processing my papers here in saudi arabia.. Pwede ko po ba malaman ang email or facebook nyo? Nakainclude po dito yung email ko and by email nalang po siguro kita imessage thank you po..

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