Palawan: World's Most Beautiful Island

Oh yes I'm still alive! After a long hiatus, I'm back again. I've been meaning to write some things about what's been happening in my life but time keeps on flying and I can't grab it!!!

I was a balikbayan in the Philippines last December 2014 and it was a blast... I visited Palawan with mates and work buddies here in New Zealand. Apparently, Palawan is regarded by many as the "world's most beautiful island." I don't have a point of reference as I am not really well traveled but I suppose multiple claims of international travel magazines say a lot about the island.

We had three days in Puerto Princesa to see one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River, roamed around the city, shopped for pearls, adventure with nature, and enjoyed fresh seafood. Then a few more days in Coron's crystal clear beaches, played with Nemo and his friends, island hopping, snorkel, never ending WOW moments and breathtaking sceneries. No doubt Palawan is regarded by Hufftington Post, Conde Nast Traveler, Top Dreamer, and Travel and Leisure as the most beautiful island in the world.

Of course, I'll share some precious photos here. At this time, I'll just post photos and will give details later when I get free time.

Kayangan Lake

Malcapuya Island

Banana Island
 Mount Tapyas

 Limestone formation

Coron Westown Resort

Sa akin lang po, enjoy while you can. Take advantage of your youthful energy and while you have the resources ($$$)... You can always earn money later on. Visit Coron! It is a MUST to see and experience what the island has to offer!


Mary Ann Amper said…
sir ang ganda po ng blog nyu, very informative!

im also a nurse ofw from riyadh, ng exit n po ako hopinh there will be better opportunities s ibang luagr.

May i ask what camera do u use po?thank u and God bless!

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