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I don't starve myself. I eat the food that I want, and I have no preferences on food. Whenever people ask me about my food I would immediately tell them, "I eat anything, as long as it is edible." In my past few months in New Zealand, I have eaten in almost every town that I have been to, and with every town comes the variety of food and flavors. Although I am a 'rice person', that is, a person who is satisfied with rice as a staple meal, I have recently tolerated lunch and dinner meals without rice. Potatoes, pasta, and bread have been the common substitute here to the Filipino's main source of carbohydrates.

This is my first ever meal in New Zealand. If I remember it correctly, I had this Farmer's Breakfast in one of Auckland International Airport's restaurants.

 This dessert was from Wellington. I can't recall the place, but it is a restaurant that is always full at dinner time.

 This perhaps is my first gourmet meal in South Island. I had this salmon meal from the Beach House.

Tony's Seafood and Steak, Wellesley Street, Auckland CBD

 I still go with the common Chinese food as it is available almost everywhere in the world!

 The above meals were from Buster Crabb in Invercargill, New Zealand. The serving is so huge that it can feed 2 individuals.

 Tahong or mussels have been one of my favorite seafood dishes. From baked to buttered to tinolang tahong! The green lipped mussels are abundant in New Zealand. 

 These beautifully created, sumptuous Japanese meals are a must try. I had this in Wellington, in one of the favorite Japanese take-away restaurants along the central business district.

 This is Bordeaux Bakery's cronut. New Zealand's first cronut.

 Very meaty! From Steer and Beer in Wellington.
From Water Bar Restaurant, Wanaka

 Roast pork! Parang Lechong kawali lang.

These were from Floriditas in Wellington.

 These are from Cabbage Tree. The second and third picture's black portion are mushrooms, looks like blood stew or dinuguan, eh.

Speaking of Filipino food, here's a classic in Pinoy hapag-kainan, Crispy Pata from Manila Grill, Dunedin

Lunch treats from Lone Star, Dunedin


Best Cafe in Dunedin offers fresh Bluff Oysters, yummy Seafood Chowder, and traditional Fish and Chips

Typical breakfast in New Zealand - Baked tomatoes, sausage, poached eggs, bacon, hash brown, mushrooms.

Now, tell me... Are you hungry? Haha. I am! The above meals' price range is from $15-40 dollars. Once the price reaches $25 and above, siguradong very decent meal na yun!


Thanks for sharing your blog. I'll be coming to NZ next month. :)
Thanks for sharing your blog. I'll be coming to NZ next month. :)
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