I'd Want To...

Okay... there are plenty of things that I'd like to do in the future. And I mean the near future, as in 5 years from now. Specifically, those things that would let me know and love myself further, contemplate, meet new people, and explore. I'm turning 28 this year and I think I haven't done so much in my life that I am quite proud of. Definitely, working in the Middle East is one thing that not all people would be able to do in their entire lives, so let me include that in my list... So here it goes... 12 things in my bucket list to do before I reach 30...

1. Work abroad. I have accomplished this. I had been to Saudi Arabia and experienced a lot of firsts and wonderful things in that country. The culture was shocking at first but I eventually managed to digest the cultural differences. My Middle Eastern stint was a sure milestone in my life as I took the road not (so often) taken. I moved out of my comfort zone in the Philippines, went to a new country relying on my self, decided on a lot of things, enjoyed the salary, and felt the scorching desert heat. I know that's a big leap.

Then I told my self, "You can't really speak Arabic, go to a country that speaks English!" Then poof! New Zealand came. I worked my ass off, completed the requirements, and now I am here in New Zealand. Now, tell me... I am a brave man, eh?! Two countries and two licenses (other than the Philippine license) in 4 years... And why am I looking at the Trans Tasman agreement for Australia?! Haha. Will it be another journey to the land down under, err soon?

2. Visit countries. They say travelling is a hobby for the rich. Actually, that's exactly what my thought is. Haha. Who travels as a hobby? Of course those who can afford it... And now that I am earning my own money, I think I can save some for my next trip! It's the culture, the people, the food, and of course the tourist destinations that I'd like to explore... In my list, of course, are my country's neighbors: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It would be awesome to know more about my brothers and sisters from the South East Asian region. I also am aiming to visit the Eastern part of Asia, specifically Hong Kong, Korea, or Japan. Japan's very rich history is ultimately a culture-hungry type of guy must experience. Look at their temples, their bonsais, their sushi, their kimono... Take me to Japan soon!!! Of course I'm also dreaming of seeing the London Eye, the London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, the Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and the San Fransisco bridge! Ehem, enough of day dreaming... Those places will require some huge savings... Gotta start a piggy bank soon! Lol.

3. Travel alone. Oh yes, for an introverted guy this could be a more boring (solemn) activity. But that's me, your quiet housemate/colleague/friend. I would like to know how it feels to be in a place that I don't know (not literally, of course I'd search about the place first.. lol), to be in a strange place I know nothing about. Could it be the liberating experience it may give? With the traveling comes different modes of transportation... I believe I'll know more about myself if I do that. Soon.

4. Cook good food. I cook Filipino food. That's it. I guess I have to bring out the inner chef in me (if there is) some time... Gotta watch Ratatouille again to bring out that flame!

5. Volunteer. I am not a very patriotic citizen and I admit that I have never done something that directly helped those in need. Uhm, I have done medical missions before, did some teaching sessions for kids, but those are out of curricular requirements. I'd like to feel good internally. I'd like to use my skills to at least help others (apart from professional nursing).

6. Be in a relationship. Haha. I can't believe I am including this in my list... I guess it's time? They say I have to be in a number of relationships to find the real one whom I can stay with for long term... Darn, beynte syete na ako wala pa rin?!?! Next move nito deretso kasal na... Haha. Simply, date somebody. Find that connection with another person's heart. Ulk.

7. Find my friends. I just need to catch up with them. Them who? lol. I feel that I really need to catch up with them.

8. Sing. I know I can sing. And I could have been very very good in singing if this talent was honed when I was younger. Well, it's safe to say that I know how to properly sing, I know when I am out of tune, and I know when I am straining. The key thing, ehem, is to get the right song for my vocal range.

9. Buy something. Invest. Uhmmm. What should I buy. I have the necessary things I need. Uhmmm... What should I buy anyway (on a second thought)? A car perhaps? A house? I guess I have to change the heading to Invest... Right, the more proper heading would be 'invest'. 

10. Watch a live musicale, concert, or stage play.

11. Skydive!

12. Commit mistakes. Mistakes make one a better person, eh?! I guess so. 

It takes some quiet moments to come up with a list of to-do's like mine above... Sa akin lang po... we need those personal time for ourselves... and quiet moments make you realise a lot of things... Why not create a list of your personal 'I'd want to...'


zenobleish said…
Hey! :) I was actually looking for some blogs about nursing in NZ and I came across your blogsite. It is very informative. It's one of those random sites I've been before. The first time was when I was about to take the Saudi Council Exam and I am working in Saudi as a Staff nurse for two years now. Again, looking for some info about NZ from KSA. I am more inspired to pursue my dream to be a nurse in NZ someday. Thank you because your blog is helpful enough to start processing my papers and CAP soon. I'll be rooting for more blogs from you. :D God bless!
Sa Akin Lang Po said…
Good luck and God bless. :)
Elaine Polo said…
Ive been trying to comment after I have read your blog about prometric,(thank you for the info by the way,very helpful indeed) but it wouldnt be published, i hope this one works. I was studying when i thought of finding pointers for prometric that lead me to your blogsite. Now, my books wereset aside and im reading your blogs.Haha Ive read most of it. Thank you for the information and guidelines. ���� and this will serve as an inspiration! Chos haha pero seriously good job. You have accomplished a lot!! .Im planning to take prometric exam this july. Again,thank you! ������
Summer said…
I'm turning 28 this year and after reading your post, it inspired me to do greater things for myself. I have to admit I'm afraid of taking risks and coming out of my comfort zone. But I guess I should try to make a step forward for a change. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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