From Where Are You In America?

That's a random question I get from patients or some random stranger who happens to start a conversation with me. So the question goes, do I have the American accent?

I have stayed here in New Zealand for less than a year and I don't think that the workplace has contributed immensely with what the locals hear from me. They would ask,

"From where are you in the USA?"
"I reckon you are from Canada based on your accent..."
"Did you study in the US? You sound like an American."
"Are you from California? There are lots of Filipinos there."

Of course, I'd quickly say, "No, I'm from the Philippines." Then I'd get that shocked-look from their faces. And to explain further, I'd add, "I don't know, this is how I speak English in the Philippines. Probably because we're much Americanised...
Them: I know some Filipinos from here but they don't sound like you.
Me: Oh, I watch US movies and television series almost everyday... That should explain why...
It's just that I am conscious enough with how I speak to my patients to the point that I unconsciously acquire the American-accent. Ano daw? Labo. Basta tunog-Amerikano daw ako, tapos. Haha. I observed that they get what I say even in the lowest pitch/tone if I use that accent.

But really, I prefer to speak with neutral accent.

OR maarte lang talaga ako magsalita ng English. Haha. :P

And that... brings me to my realisation about IELTS. Haha. I had my IELTS examination in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last year. The listening part of the exam would be very easy for people who watch US movies or television series. However, the reality is different... I still struggle with some locals having very thick accent and those who speak very fast. Whew! Hala, sanayan na lang! Lol. ]


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