I'm 25

#ThrowbackThursday it is! I'm cleaning my hard drive of unwanted files when I came across this entry I made when I celebrated my 25th birthday in Saudi Arabia. Haha. I must say this entry is emo-ful. Haha. Whew, that was more than two years ago! Ang bilis ng panahon!

It has been years since I despised the annual celebration of my birthday. That’s probably because I personally can’t remember the time when I celebrated my birthday with balloons, cakes, ice creams, and all that colorful stuffs... In short I did not have a single memory of being a child-celebrating-his-own-birthday.

Being raised in a financially disadvantaged nuclear family could deny a child of having a very memorable party. Back then, I would ask myself why my classmates in preparatory school celebrate their birthdays with balloons, ice creams, Jollibee or McDonalds, and kiddie parties while whenever I celebrate my birthday I’d just let the day pass by. Maybe it’s because my birthday is during the summer season where classmates and friends are all away to have fun in the beach, vacationing out of town or abroad. Or maybe we just don’t have enough money to make a day extra special. A simple meal always does the trick.

Then I grew up and started to accept the reality that every year, I get excited when the month of April comes. However, ambivalence dominates the mood as days come closer to the date itself every single year; That I am going to get older without having so much to remember on the past year. Is this really how I should view the month of April, exciting but disappointing?

Well, enough of that emo moment. We’re not really that “financially disadvantaged” anyways. We (my siblings) were brought up getting the things that we ‘need.’ Perhaps, our parents have inculcated very well the value of needs versus wants. That we are much satisfied of getting what we need rather than having tantrums for something we just want. However, denial of reinforcements somehow made me dislike the general birthday celebrations.

Birthdays are filled with yesterday's memories, today's joys, and tomorrow's dreams.


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