On Starting in a New Workplace

Dear Self,

It's been a tough week for you, I know. Your journey so far has been overwhelming, from the time that you processed your documents while in Saudi to the present time that you moved in your current place. Now that you completed your first week of employment in New Zealand, I commend you for being able to make it! I know it's difficult to adjust in a new environment, you have heaps of things to learn, the people, the system, the protocols, and so much more. Sometimes you're having a hard time catching up with the local's communication as they speak very fast and they have that slang that you're not yet used to, but you're doing very well... Now you get to experience real English communication, and it's totally different from the listening part of IELTS! Haha.

Just remember that at this point of the adjustment phase, you'll experience a lot of emotions. I know you have that constant fear of the unknown. You might also have those inferiorities within you that keeps you from mingling with others, thinking that you are incapable. But hey, you know how you work, you have been commended numerous times and even awarded for being a good nurse in the Philippines and in Saudi Arabia. So why feel that?! You are a very good nurse and it's all that matters. You prove them that you deserve to be in that position and most importantly, prove to yourself that you are an excellent nurse!

I know it really sucks if you are bombarded with lots of unexpected things. But you have to accept that that's the way how it works in the Emergency Department. It's always unpredictable. Remember, you are not alone in the ED. You are with experienced professionals who can definitely help you with tasks. If you can't handle the pressure, just remember to breathe in and breathe out, stop for a while and say, "kaya ko 'to!"

Just be strong, be diligent enough to review your orientation manuals, and always pray to Him for guidance. Because right now, you only have Him to talk to during silent hours. And by the way, you always have access to the internet, so please check your mails and Facebook once in a while. I know messages from your friends and family really boost your being.

One tip I have for you is to loosen up. Be friendly. Shove away that shyness in you. Get along with others. And don't be a loner! Haha.

I'll write to you again to catch-up. You know how writing serves as an avenue for self-expression for you. Just write to me whenever you feel writing, and of course if you have time.


Sa Akin Lang Po


Anonymous said…
Boss. God Bless

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