Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Obtain a Saudi Police Clearance in Jeddah

Filipinos in Saudi may want to leave and migrate to another country for greener pastures. In my previous blog entries, I have mentioned that staying in this country is just temporary for many as they consider Saudi Arabia as a ‘stepping stone’ to their dream country. A police clearance has always been a requirement in order to obtain a work/residence visa or a permanent resident status in the OFW’s destination country.

I am working on my papers for my application to register as a nurse down south and one of the requirements is a police clearance. In my case, I have been in Jeddah for the last 2 years so it is mandatory for me to prove to the Nursing Council that I have not been convicted with any crime in my country of residence.

As usual, the pedantic me had to search for the exact details on how to go about the process as I don’t want to be hassled by unexpected events. And so I searched over the web, asked my colleagues, consulted some locals, and experienced the whole process itself *and poof!* I came up with the detailed steps on how to secure a police clearance in Jeddah.

1. Go to the Philippine Consulate to get a certification that you are a legal OFW. Here are the requirements:

  • Duly-accomplished Application for Endorsement Certificate for Saudi Police Clearance for Filipinos in Jeddah and the Western Region with one (1) recent photo (1 piece, 2x2 size, colored and with white background
  • Copy of valid Philippine Passport
  • Copy of valid Saudi Iqama/Residence Permit
  • Fee: SR 100

The Philippine Consulate needs at least 4 working days to accomplish the endorsement letter/note verbale. Or you can rush things up so that you could claim it the following day; however, that requires an additional sum of SR 40. Claim the letter on the specified date on your claim stub.

For those bound to US or Canada, I believe the US or Canadian Embassy will issue a different request form for police clearance.

2. Have the letter stamped/authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Arabic is wazarat al khourijiya) in Baladiyah District near Ballad. The MFA is in front of the Juffali Mosque, the white mosque with beautifully crafted, described by many as marshmallow-like, top (see figure below). Entrance to the MFA is at the back at As Sadiq Street (see map below). Before entering, you need to deposit your mobile phone and laptop or any electronic gadget (iPad, iPod, etc.) that you have; a portion of their guard’s quarter is dedicated for all the mobile phones and other gadgets. As usual, you have to get through the security features of the building like scanners, manual search of items in your bag, and the guard palpating inspecting your body for any weapons (very similar to airport security). Upon entering the hall, you have to secure a ticket from a ticket officer for your customer number and your window (very similar to the system they have in the banks). It is a huge hall with many benches facing the counter. Along with the many benches are local and multi-national men awaiting for their number to be called. Once your number is called, go to your assigned window/counter and present the Endorsement Letter to the officer and have it authenticated/stamped. Each document costs SR 30. This process, from entering to exiting the building, only ate 15 minutes of my time. Oh, please come early in the morning, from 0800H to 1200H.

Map of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, just near Balad.

 Juffali Mosque (center) and part of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (right). Photo not mine.

3. Bring the authenticated Endorsement Letter to the Central Police Station (Police station is adela gina iya) near Al Television Street/Al Malik Khalid Street after Ballad, fill out the form, and have your fingerprints taken. FYI: The street is often times called Television Street because it is the location of the local television company’s building and where its huge satellite tower is standing tall. The police station is located at the back of Islamic Development Bank. You can never get lost locating the Islamic Development Bank building as it is the largest, most notable landmark along Al Malik Khalid Street. Your main target is the building at the far-left-end-side of the Police complex; the building’s paint color is pale-reddish-beige (see figure below). The finger-printing office (Bassamat is fingerprint in Arabic) is on the second floor for women and at the first level/floor for men. For the gentlemen, just after entering the main door/lobby, get a ticket (number) from the main lobby and tell the receptionist that you need to have your fingerprints taken for your police clearance. Then wait for your number to appear in the LCD screen (the fingerprinting room is the only room at the right side of the lobby). Show them your Endorsement Letter and provide the copies of your iqama, passport, and a piece of your latest picture. They will be the one to transfer the information written in your iqama to a fingerprinting card (very similar with that of the local NBI fingerprinting card when it used to be manually done in the Philippines). Right after completing the form, they will take your fingerprints. Everything is free, including the wipes to get rid of the ink on your hand. They will provide a claim stub and ask you to come back after 2 weeks (10-14 days) to get the police clearance. The whole process for the fingerprinting, from entering to exiting the building, ate only 20 minutes of my time.

 Building Color

Actual Police Station where you will have your fingerprints taken. Photo not mine.

Everything written on the claim stub is in Arabic, so make sure you ask the officer to translate it for you, and ask another Arabic reading/speaking guy/gal to confirm the claim date. Remember, the Roman Calendar is different from the Hijri Calendar.

On your designated claim date, just go to the same office where you had your fingerprints, present them the claim stub, and voila!, you have your Saudi police clearance. Claiming the clearance took only 5 minutes of my time from entering to exiting the building.

Although almost everything written in the form (fingerprint card) is in Arabic, there are two words that they left in English, “No Record.” Hooray!

The letter ‘A’ in the red pointer above is where Central Police Station is.

4. Have your clearance translated to English. You will receive the fingerprinting card/form in Arabic and you need to have that translated to English from an independent translator. There are numerous translation services in Jeddah that offer the-same-date or after 2-days processing. What I did is I browsed over the internet for the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah’s list of accredited translators and matched it to the list prescribed by the US Consulate; I just thought that if a translation company is prescribed by the US Consulate, then every other embassies or consulates would do the same. I chose Nusaiba Translation Services, the nearest from my place, and just in front of US Consulate. They charged me SR 75 and they did the job in just 5 minutes! For other translation services, they charge differently, some are cheaper or the other way around. If you don’t want to waste time, just pay an additional SR 20 for the same-date processing. Usual cost of translation service is SR 30 to SR 120 per document.

5. Have the translated document notarized/authenticated [OPTIONAL].
Have that translated document notarized/authenticated by the Philippine Consulate (of course, you have to pay SR 100 for that and wait another 4 days) OR at Saudi’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I consider this step ‘optional’ as many of the bloggers around did not do this process. In my case, the New Zealand Council accepted my police clearance without the clearance authenticated/notarized. 

The validity of the clearance is 6 months from the release date. Although the validity is nowhere mentioned in the fingerprint card, different government immigration services prefer police clearances to be less than 6 months old.

Disclaimer: The steps mentioned above are based on personal experience plus a handful of details from helpful blogs. 

UPDATE (March 2014): Now that I'm here in New Zealand, I was asked by my visa officer to get another copy of my Saudi Police Clearance that is less than 6 months old. It is a tedious task as you will have to undergo the above process again, plus the hassles of going through New Zealand agencies to have the forms authenticated and then those  authenticated documents to undergo another authentication in the Philippine Embassy in Wellington. Although the information below can be found online, through PCG's website,  urls are changed quite frequently. Disclaimer: Article by PCG Jeddah.

If applicant is outside Jeddah/in the Philippines:

For applicants outside Jeddah, kindly accomplish/submit the following documents as required by Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs under its Note No. 94/70/19/37270 dated 03 November 2010:

  1. Request Letter addressed to the Consulate stating the purpose of the Police Clearance and your email address;
  2. Local Police Clearance with fingerprint from the current place of legal residence and duly authenticated by the nearest Saudi Embassy and Philippine Embassy/Consulate General (if abroad) or DFA Manila (if in the Philippines); (must be submitted original). This police clearance also has to be authenticated by the Department of Internal Affairs and later on by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Prepare your wallet here!
  3. Special Power of Attorney authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate (if abroad) of DFA Manila (if in the Philippines) for your authorized representative here in Jeddah to process your Saudi Police Clearance; (must be submitted original)
  4. Photocopy of passport used in Saudi Arabia clearly showing the applicant's photographs and all Saudi visas;
  5. Copy of Saudi residence permit (Iqama);
  6. Two (2) recently taken colored photos with white background (2 in. x 2 in. size); and
  7. Other relevant document, if any, to support the application for Police Clearance.

The Philippine Consulate will secure an approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through a Note Verbale. After the approval is obtained, your authorized representative will bring all the documents to the Police Station for the Issuance of the Police Clearance.

Furthermore, the Philippine Consulate may issue a Certificate of No Derogatory Record (NDR) to those who are unable to comply with the requirements of the Ministry provided the applicants can comply with the following requirements:
  1. Copy of previous passport/s showing date of entry and exit from Jeddah;
  2. Copy of Employment Certificate during the period of stay in Jeddah;
  3. Copy of Final Exit Visa; and
  4. Payment of Certification Fee:
  • Saudi Riyal SR100.00 -if applied in the Consulate (by the applicant's authorized representative here in Jeddah); or
  • Transmit payment SAR 100 or USD 25 + USD 15 bank charges to PCG Jeddah's Bank Account No. 0004-300-203, IBAN No. 44-4000-0000-0000-0430-20, swift Code: SAMBSARIJCS; or
  • USD 25 payable to the Cashier Section, 4th Floor, Office of Fiscal Management, Department of Foreign Affairs, through the Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers' Affairs (OUMWA), Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

UPDATE Applicable for New Zealand-based individuals (June 2014):

I know it is extremely difficult to process documents following the guidelines by the Philippine Embassy. I went through a LOT, spent considerable amount of time (more than 5 months!!!), money, and effort just to process documents hoping that our OWN embassy could help me with my request for a new Saudi police clearance... They gave me the incomplete procedure which necessitated return of documents from Saudi to New Zealand (imagine the courier fees!)... I felt helpless... Then I considered my options and I found this from the New Zealand Immigration Website. I followed the procedure and in just 2 weeks I received the clearance! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Is the Authorization letter accepted for claiming the Police clearance?

Deo Selosa said...

bro, pwede kayang makuha agad yung LOE sa Philippine in pagapply mo e makuha mo agad at that moment.... :-)

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

Hello, Deo. The fastest that you could get your LOE (Letter of Endorsement) is a day after you applied for one. You'll have to pay SR40 for the expedite fee. Pero of course, you could always try your luck by asking them if your request could be granted and they could release your request within the day. Just be there early and of course ask politely. Good luck! :)

Deo Selosa said...

sana nga makuha ko within the day na rin...sige po, maraming salamat...

Deo Selosa said...

sa May 2 pa ang release...thursday, sarado ang MOFA! pwede kaya na sa sabado ko na kunin ung LOE para sabay-sabay na sa MOFA?!

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

Deo, hindi naman mawawala ang document mo sa Consulate. If I were you kukunin ko na lang sa Saturday kasi siguradong available na yung LOE mo, tapos, deretso ka na sa Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tapos idaan mo na rin sa Police Station sa Television Street. Para isang lakaran lang lahat. Good luck!

Deo Selosa said...

badtrip kase...hinde pwede ipa-rush...dami-dami tao sa consulate...
anyways, saturday it is! :-)

Deo Selosa said...

Got it!
Took only a day from Rabigh Police Station! thanks!

Bernah Limansag said...


I just would like to ask if there is any way to proceed for authentication process in MOFA through an authorized person (Saudi)? Unfortunately, we cannot go to MOFA due to our working schedule. Will it be possible?

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

Hello, Bernah. I can't fully recall the process in MOFA aside from what's written in my post. Anyway, if my memory serves me right the officer in MOFA did not ask any identification (iqama, passport, etc.). I just presented the document, paid SAR 30, and he stamped my letter. If there is really no way, I suggest you write an authorization letter, or better yet have another Filipino colleague do it for you (I believe they'll ask less as compared to a local processing the papers of a foreigner).

Anonymous said...

Hello Kabayan,maraming salamat sa pag share mo ng information.kasalukuyan akong nagtatrabaho d2 sa Jeddah at aaplay papuntang Canada ngaun humihingi ung Canadian Embassy ng police clearance.ngpadala cla ng tanong ko lang kung kailangan ko pang kumuha ng LOE sa Phil. Consulate?salamat uli,God bless.

Admin said...

Hey Bro ,
Nice post and nice blog , i been roaming around your entries but could;t find "Middle East to Middle Earth" .

I will be moving to NZ too very soon on a 300 Silver Job Fern visa , have acquired the docs and will be sending them to a Dubai Address as they mentioned .

My question is will did you get these documents back ? Police certificates , Qualification Assessment letter etc ..

I am planning for AUS too , so don't want to get in a situation of getting these docs again .


Anonymous said...

Many thanks brother for the information. It really helped me to trace the office. My job is done today alhamdulillah.
Jazak-al-khair for the information

Paralegal said...

This is a very helpful post, even helpful that the guidelines found at the website of the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah, by the way sir, me (in the Phils.) and my husband (in jeddah) are currently processing a student visa (me as a Principal applicant and husband is the dependant applicant) to Australia and my husband was able to get an Endorsement Certificate from the Phil. Consulate but the certification states that my husband is the one applying for student visa. My husband is not the principal applicant for the student visa because it is me who is the main applicant, he is only my dependant. My question sir, will the information in the Endorsement Certificate appear in the Police Clearance to be issued by the Director of Police Department especially the purpose for which the police clearance will be used? Because if not we will not bother to have it corrected by the Philippine Consulate and be charged again for SR100 for the correction. Thank you and more power.

Anonymous said...

A very helpful blog sir!! Mabuhay!! I have two questions in mind..hope you can shed light....
1. Can we have the stamping thru my husbands yemeni staff ( based in jeddah ) thru authorization letters? We live in bisha, the endorsement letter was addressed here in our local police station so we only need the stamp at MOFA to start with.
2. Do we really need to have a request from the canadian embassy before securing PCC..we are applying for fsw immigrant to canada and in the process of completing our documents for submission to our agency, the CIC..
thank you very much indeed!!!

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

To Ms. Paralegal. I can only supply the information I had when I was doing the process. The Philippine Consulate issued the certification saying, "This is to certify that Mr. ___, Filipino national, holder of Passport No. 12345678 issued at ___ and of Iqama No. 12345678 is applying for WORK VISA to New Zealand. He needs a Police Clearance in connection with the requirements for his visa application... This certification is issued to Mr. ___ for the above application requirement only."

There is a field in the police clearance that says 'Purpose'. In my case, the word next to purpose was 'Visa' only, not what was stated in the request from the Philippine Consulate document, that is, WORK VISA. Since the police clearance will be in Arabic and you still need to have it translated, just tell the translator to put the word VISA so it would be general (and omit the word STUDENT).

I did not have a problem with my police clearance. As long as it says 'No Criminal Record' then there's nothing to worry.

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

To Anonymous (July 17). The details from the blog entry itself are what I know based on personal experience. So technically I have no idea about your case. But I think the stamping could be done by a representative just as long as he shows an authorization letter... With regards to the Canadian Embassy stuff, I believe the request has to come from them. You know, when I was researching about the process of obtaining a police clearance in Jeddah, I dropped by different forums and a common denominator from applicants for Canada is that the request letter should come from the Canadian Embassy itself. I'm not sure, so better consult the Embassy for your query. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

thanks po Sir for the reply..yes i have to consult my agency for that matter..God bless..

Anonymous said...

sir, tanong ko lng po about sa step number 3.d2 kasi ako sa western region( abha) nagwowork and d po ako makakapunta personally s central police station for fingerprinting, pwede kaya n d2 ako sa local police station( jawasat) magfingerprinting ? what will be the requirements? and yung form n kelangang fill-upan dun lng b central police station makakakuha o available din sa local police station( jawasaT)?..thanks much..

Paralegal said...

Thank you very much sir, you are such great help to us because my husband if too far from the Phil Consulate in Jeddah and it will be a great hassle to him to go back to Jeddah just to have his Endorsement Certificate corrected. By the way sir, the Phil Consulate advised me yesterday that the "corrected" Endorsement Certificate of my husband is now ready for pick up but we will not get it anymore because we now know that it is possible to have a general purpose in the police clearance.Thanks a lot and Godbless..

George said...

hello sir, pwede ba mag release ng police clearance for canada even if my status here in jeddah is work-visit visa? I have no iqama. only passport.

have a nice day

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

Kuya George, di ko po alam eh. Contact the Canada Immigration and Philippine Consulate na lang to clarify. :)

Anonymous said...

so didiretso na po agad ng MOFA at di na ipapastamp pa sa chamber of commerce po?kasi makukuha ko sa huwebes yung LOE ko sa MOFA na agad at sa police station po?

Loven Cabawatan said...

Kindly help , I previously worked in Jeddah 11 years ago,,i need to get a police clearance , in Jeddah . What are the requirements and procedure , should i go to Phil embassy or to saudi embassy ?

junelote said...

kindly help,nagwork po ako sa Al Bustan Mercure Hotel in Jeddah sa loob halos ng limang(5)taon.Mula May 20,1999 hangang May 7 2004(exit).Ngayon po (yr.2013)ay plano ko po mag-apply sa Canada.Isa po sa requirements nila ay POLICE CLEARANCE mula sa SAUDI ARABIA(Jeddah).Pls.advise Nyo po ako kunng paano ako makakakuha nito.?May old passport po ako at work certificate,pero wala na po ako nalalaman or any copy ng Iqama ko..Ano po dapat ko gawin?Maraming Salamat Po..

Anonymous said...

Hello, can anyone please tell me how long it will take to get the results of the fingerprints? I know it says about 2 weeks here but did anyone get it faster then this?? Please let me know. Thanks in advance

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

@Anonymous (November 9), my police clearance was processed within 9 days. Actually, 14 days nga dapat yun. Kaso lang nagbakasakali lang ako. Yung nagpunta ako sa Police Station meron na...

Sa mga nagtatanong kung paano makakakakuha ng clearance sa Saudi at wala kayo physically sa Saudi, here's a helpful link

dave figueroa said...

TO: Bro Deo Selosa and Sir Admin

Bro ask ko lang wla bang probs na sa Jeddah ka nag process and Letter of Endorsement tsaka Ministry of Foreign Affair stamping tapos sa Rabig ka kumuha ng Police clearance hindi mismo sa Jeddah Police station?

Need kolang malaman kasi Riyad ako mag process but Jubail police ako mag bigay ng papers ko

Anonymous said...

Ask ko lang po for someone na nakatira sa Yanbu, saan ba pwedeng kumuha ng police clearance.

Anonymous said...

sir, ask ko lang po.. kelangan pa po bang patatakan ang fingerprint card na galing sa new zealand sa saudi embassy in new zealand? kagagaling ko po kanina sa ministry of foreign affairs. ang sabi po patatakan daw po ang fingerprint card sa saudi embassy in NZ.i need ur help po qng sino po naka encounter ng parehas na prob.. by the way na patatakan ko napo ung fingerprint card ng seen and noted po sa phil embassy dito po sa riyadh. tnx!

-mark quiba

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
your blog was excellent with lot's of information which is useful. Also I would like to clarify few points in the iqama validity. Can a person visit MOFA and Police counter for finger print with the expired IQama and will they accept for further proceedings and is it advisable to submit our original passport and iqama for the finger print at police station till we receive the PCC after 2 weeks. Also I would like to know can we do all these process once after an exit stamp is done on the passport. Your valuable reply on this is highly appreciated.

Sa Akin Lang Po said...

Hello, Mark Quiba. First, ano ba ang reason kung bakit kailangan mo ng clearance? Nanggaling ka na ba ng New Zealand at kailangan mong gumamit ng New Zealand fingerprint card? Kung papunta ka pa lang, I don't see the need para dumaan ka pa sa mahabang proseso. See my reply to Ms. Paralegal in the comments above dated July 18, 2013.

@Anonymous (December 05), I can't answer your query. You could ask the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate directly regarding your question kasi may mga legal implications yan eh. Good luck.

babybeer said...


Could anyone help me get a Police Clearance from Saudi, I have been trying to contact the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh na supposedly na tutulong sana sa mga Pinoy na hindi nakakuha upon exit ng P.C. (Police Clearance ) nila upon exit, but They keep posting back this message:

"Please be informed that the Embassy does not process
Saudi police clearance. It is advisable for you to exert extra effort to find
a Riyadh-based to assist in facilitating the Saudi police clearance. "

Gagagmitin ko po sana ang P.C. kase may I.T.A. for residency na po ako for New Zealand. Wala po kase ako kakilala na naka based sa Saudi now, meron man po eh 2 linggo palang po sya jan ngayon, Sana madvice nyo po ako kung ano gagawin at sana ma help nyo ako. Salamat po.

Pater said...

Hello po.ask ko lang po sana san ako makakakuha nun duly acomplished applicationfot endorsement certificate?please reply poh..

Pater said...

Hello po.ask ko lng po kung san ako makakakuha nun duly acomplished application for endorsement certificate?

RN_MAN said...

Helo sir, ask ko lng po after ng mkakuha ng LOE jan s embassy natin s Jeddah at mapaauthenticate s MOFA, pwede po ba ako jan magpafinger print s central police station khit dito aq s abha nagwowork? thanks po.

Anonymous said...

hello po! ask ko lang po if alam nyo ang office hours ng MOFA at sa police station. thank you :)

marjo said...

Pwede po bang ipakuha sa iba yung LOE gagawa na lang ng request letter dito po kasi ako sa taif. thanks

George said...

Hello Sir, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR USEFUL INSTRUCTIONS..i got my police clearance..Hooray!! they acknowledged even if my visa is visit-work only. i showed only my LOE from embasyy and my passport. no question at all. For those who want to claim your clearance easily..just print out the intstructions above and bring it with you during time you process police clearance, The blog advise is very helpful and exact time consumed. Once again..thank you very much. i appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Im already here in NZ and i need a police certificate from saudi, I have read in the website that it will take 3m0nths..Is there any faster way? thank a lot

Anonymous said...

Sir, dun po ba sa MOFA at central police station ay kailangan pa ng original passport? Any info po kung open po ba yun dalawang opisina ng afternoon. Thanks po.
--- Jenny of Jeddah

George said...

Anonymous Jan 27,2014
hindi na kailangan ang original passport, photo copy lng kasi supporting documents lng yun. Dapat may original LOE ka for authentication. Pls come early for sure ma process mo same day.

Anonymous said...

please can anyone tell me any possibility to get this clearance through representative? i am here in Jeddah yet office hours is too conflicting with offices scheds. are they open during saturdays?

florie said...

Helo po, paano po ang proseso kong ang applicant ay nasa pinas kailngan ang Saudi police Clearance. Any idea po? Thanks a lot..

George said...

To florei,
go to this website

Anonymous said...

Thanks Parey,

Your information was very helpful for me to file the application for police clearance certificate today.

Anonymous said...

meron na po kong LOE and may stamp na rin from MOFA. papunta na sana ko sa police station kaso EID...sarado na. aalis na ko this July 31 ng madaling araw. may pag-asa pa kaya na maprocess to? salamat sa makakasagot

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