The Baby Died In My Arms

What's up homies?! I tell you, I am busy as hell with post-graduate studies, creating this and that and completing projects, and a bunch of endless reading activities. How am I catching up? Well, I am good in procrastination ONLY when in comes to the-day-before-exam but never on written requirements, so that means, I am a day- to a week-late with deadlines. In fact, I have a deadline again exactly two weeks from now and I haven't started a word! That's for my thesis proposal's 3rd chapter, Methodology. I'm going to talk more about my thesis subject soon as I get free time. But now, let me re-post an entry from my Multiply blog. I just learned that Multiply will be reformatting to an online shopping website and take off all the pictures and blogs starting December 01, 2012! So instead of losing memories, I'll just re-post a few entries here that have made an impact on me and my readers. Here's one of my most unforgettable experiences as a nurse. I wrote this last November 12, 2008. 'Next time! :)

I just can't sleep yesterday night even though I came from a stressful duty day. I had the 2-10 shift and was assigned at the primary care area where the non-urgent patients are treated. As usual, I attended to some patients requiring just some diagnostics such as CBC and Chest X-ray, a few who needed hydration with IV fluids, and a number of pediatric cases for admission. It was quite a typical day in the ER - stressful, low-blood sugar inducing.

I went back home. Nobody was awake and I was left alone in the dining area to eat my lunch/afternoon snack/dinner/midnight snack. I can say that I had a very good meal that time: my stomach, I think, was 3/4 full of rice, chicken and pork meat. And the saying, "Huwag muna matulog kapag busog" kept me awake for a couple of hours more while on the internet. I got to my usual internet routine - Yahoomail, Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, Youtube, Clickthecity, etcetara, and able to kill 2 hours of my time.

It was 0235H in the morning when I finally decided to close all the FireFox tabs in my PC desktop and prepare myself for a 10-hour sleep. While doing my before-bed routine, I heard some little voices coming from the streets. The voices were from the young ones, they were crying and screaming, but not so loud to awaken the neighborhood. I was not disturbed with that until the voices became seemingly loud, then louder, until the loud screams and cries somehow approached our gate. I heard the clangs from our metal gate.. that made me curious and I just got off my bed in a flick.

Our 'kasambahay' was the first to see a child clanging our gate, crying out, "Si baby.. Si baby.. Si Mang Boyet?" The boy was referring to my dad.. My dad got off his bed.. I just knew that something was wrong and without them asking, my dad got his beltbag and the keys of our car. Meanwhile, Ate Vina, our kasambahay, just got lost in my sight and when I looked around I saw her walking in the streets heading to the young boy's house. I learned that the boy was from a neigbor 2 blocks from our house (You know, I don't know my neighbors.. I'm a real hermit heh?). I followed ate Vina. I just know I could do something.

I got into my neighbor's house.. They were all crying and seemed so helpless. A sudden tachycardia (fast heart beat) made me so awake.. I said, "Nasaan?" The grandmother directed me to her grandchild in their room. It was a limp 5 month-old baby. My heartbeat tripled.. There was circumoral cyanosis (blue to violet colored lips)... I immediately tried establishing responsiveness.. "Hey baby.. Baby.. Umiyak ka.." I got no response. Simultaneously, while trying to make the baby cry, I did check for the baby's pupillary reaction, it was fixed and dilated. I cursed in my mind, "Shit.. shit.." I called for help, then I started doing CPR. There was definitely no airway obstruction, head-tilt-chin-lift... No foreign body... I tried finger sweep but there really was no obstruction.. Then I listened for spontaneous breathing.. There was none.. "Shit.. shit" I gave two blows into his mouth-and-nose.. And there was a chest rise.. I then started compressions.. I knew then and there that I have to at least re-start that child's heart.. "Oh God, help me.."

While initiating Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation the grandmother was telling me what happened.. She was so furious to her husband (the grandfather) yelling, "Baka nadaganan niya si baby... Lasing kasi siya nung bumalik eh.. Kanina lang naririnig ko yung tawa ni baby... Jeff.. Jeff.." The grandmother was speaking in behalf of the child's mother who is thirteen... Yup, the child's mother is 13. I have been blowing and doing cardiac compressions for about 5 to 7 minutes already but there was no change in status... Then I rushed the baby out of their house while continuing CPR... I got into my dad's car... "We need to go to the nearest Emergency Department... "

While in transit, I still got no pulse.. no spontaneous breathing... Just a limp, pale, unresponsive baby.. "Baby.. baby..."

We got to the nearest hospital, Medical Center Muntinlupa. I got off the car still continuing CPR... The nurses, they still know me.. Good thing.. I still functioned as a nurse to that baby.. I worked with those staff nurses before so I was really not bothered that I'm not in uniform.. We tried to revive the baby... Ambu-bag him.. Established a peripheral line.. And continued our efforts..

Since I initiated CPR, it was already about 40 minutes when the doctor 'called it..'

"Wala na si baby..."
I got to talk with the 13 year old mom... I was the one who told her about the sad news... "Hawakan mo si baby..." Then she started crying..
Sad.. This perhaps is my most unforgettable experience ever as a professional nurse.. I tried to help but I did not succeed... The baby died in my arms...

I will still add some more inputs on this entry.. I might get late for a meeting this PM.


Anonymous said…
jst wondering if u hve fb account maybe u cud add me and hit a msg..
Anonymous said…
Darn! Last post na? Lol. I spent an hour siguro from your highschool authentication post till here. Good job! You're one of those people who can vividly describe what he thinks through writing. Just brilliant. Will get back to blogging soon na din..pag may reliable internet connection na. And that could be sooner if not for the effin form137! ��

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