Darn, I'm Bored!

WARNING:  This is an entry done out of nothingness. Haha.

I actually have some activities that could make me kill the time during rest days. That includes going to the gym to bulk up and lose calories, read modules in advance for my post-graduate studies, go around the community area to have a breath of fresh air (literally), say hello to the beach for some sunset view, grab my digital slr and experiment on probable prospects, turn on the television to watch the news or see movies dated 2 or 3 years ago, cook YouTube inspired recipes, go to the city to check out gadgets, spend an hour or two in the bathtub, and a lot more. But lately, I have been quite disinterested in doing things that are supposedly "worthwhile activities..." Sure thing I won't miss doing the laundry and ironing clothes but I don't consider those "chores" anymore since those became part of my everyday life. Well, I wouldn't deny that I'm still hooked on DVD series and one thing more, the thing that greatly kills my time: sleeping.

Going on duty for a month on night shift has made me a nocturnal. Although I get to see the sunlight for about an hour or so, I really don't give it a try to touch my skin as it would just dry up the remaining moisture in my almost dried up integumentary system. When the sun shines up by 0515H in the morning, that is the signal that I should be seeing just one more episode of Prison Break and then prepare to sleep. Haha... I just realized now how sedentary my life is... I spend rest days on bed! I watch series on bed, I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on bed, I read modules on bed! Whew! Now I'm sure I can be called a "bed potato" (in reference to the "couch potato." 

Speaking of potatoes, I got some idea! To cook home made crispy french fries! Uhmmm... The thought of going over the process just made me cancel the idea... Haha..

So where am I now? Still thinking of what to do next... Probably, I'll just enumerate the things that I would like to focus on for my next blog entries (fortunately, if I'm not so lazy enough to do one)...

1st thing that I have been thinking of is my plans on my first time to be a balikbayan! What to do on my first few days, where to go, what to eat, etcetera!

2nd thing, probably I'll disclose to my readers the series that I have been watching (and planning to watch) on my laptop lately...

3rd, my budget plans...

4th, my future plans as a professional... I'd like to restructure my answer to the question, "How do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now?"

5th, my plan of reviving my "green thumb."

6th and the rest, other random things that makes me enthralled.

Now it's getting boring again... Nonetheless, this activity ate my 15 minutes on bed! Woohooo! 'Till next blog update!


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