What's Cooking?

Aside from sleeping, downloading and watching US television series and movies, cooking gets a considerable amount of my time. I never tried cooking any dish back then in the Philippines since somebody always does that for me. Being an OFW changed a lot of that laid-back lifestyle. Now no cooking means no eating.

Thanks to technology and the internet the eager-to-cook people like me are able to create simple dishes just by watching instructional videos. A very good website that teaches beginners on Pinoy cooking is Panlasang Pinoy. The blogger provides instructional videos and short articles that share brief introductions about the dish and his insights about it. Of course the typical cookbook ingredients and procedures are included within the article/video.

Typically, Pinoys would learn how to cook Adobo and Tinola first before trying more advanced recipes like Kare-kare or Kaldereta. Besides, the earlier mentioned dishes are just so easy to cook! My first attempt to cook Adobo was exceptional... I can still remember the feeling of excitement as I tasted the authentic Pinoy taste of Chicken Adobo. For a beginner in cooking, nothing could ever replace the feeling and accomplishment of seeing a well-cooked dish in front of you! Might as well share kuya Vanjo Merano's site and video of Chicken Adobo!

I have cooked Chopsey, Pininyahang manok, Kare-kare,  and Sinigang! What's cooking next?

And because I'm a proud newbie in cooking, let me share to you a few of the dishes that I tried experimenting on. Yum!!! Favorite ko ang Kare-kare. ;)


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