I Want to Be An Educator

I have been silent for the past months about my status as a student in an Open University. Well, because of recent changes in my professional status, i.e., being a neophyte Overseas Filipino Worker, I dropped a major subject which required some clinical practicum in the Philippines. Of course as a newbie in another country, I just felt the need to ‘acclimatize’ first to the environment before moving on with my post-graduate plans, hence, the decision to drop a course. So I dropped Advanced Adult Health Nursing, which required so much of a student’s time, and continued on Public Mental Health, which was way easier to manage. I just had to go through some minor transactions done through e-mail then kalas! Everything’s done. Now, I am still waiting for the response of my professor regarding my grade (for Public Mental Health) and also for me to know the subjects I can take this coming Academic Year 2011-2012. Meanwhile, I’ll just post the essay I made last January 2010 for my application to the Open University. Whew! This was over a year ago?! How fast time flies!
Ever since I started formal education for my baccalaureate degree in nursing, I have always admired how professors and clinical instructors were able to impart their learning experience to students. Learning from then on became very well appreciated especially when theories were applied on the actual scenarios in patient care. As clinical hours passed by I slowly developed the loving for my chosen profession and the passion for coming up for truly good results whether it be in patient care or in curricular requirements. One clinical instructor told me before, “I know you will be a good nurse someday.” And for a student who was eager to learn on that time that was the perfect motivation on striving more to push out the best in one’s vocation. Although I was ecstatic on his comment and was speechless for sometime, I was able to think deeply about it, and my rhetorical response to that instructor was, “That is because I appreciate your efforts in sharing the wisdom of the nursing profession to me.” From that point in time I realized that I wanted to be in that scenario someday, to be that clinical instructor saying how he foresees how his student will be towards his profession someday, and a student answering back how at such a young age in the soon-to-be-profession, professes his desire to be the best in his field. I then claimed, I will learn and in turn be learned.

Years have passed by since I have professionally been practicing my nursing career as an emergency room nurse. In my more than 2 years in the field I have encountered instances that made me realize that it is just time for me to pursue my dream of being an educator: being invited to speak in front of nurses for some nursing-related topics, and as a lecturer to numerous lay fora, however, I humbly believe that I am still not equipped with the right knowledge and guts to teach, and perhaps by obtaining a post graduate degree would help gain additional confidence in me. These reasons have deeply challenged me to widen up my horizons by pursuing a Masters Degree in Nursing.

I have chosen the University of the Philippines’ Open University since the online curriculum, I believe, will be the most practical program of study for nurses who need to earn for a living while studying.

The internet has always been part of my every day living and this would exactly be the perfect venue for continuous education for a person like me who rarely have time to go to regular classes which is offered by other post-graduate universities around the metro. I also welcome the challenge of how the distance type of curriculum can empower my creativity and continue to improve my critical thinking skills.

Hopefully, someday I would be able to call myself an alumnus of the University of the Philippines. When that time comes, I surely will have the utmost confidence that an educator can have while providing students and the eager-to-learn individuals the right knowledge and information that they deserve.


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