Hello, Red Sea!

I am staying in a peaceful, wonderful community where the residents are either employees of the company (and their relatives) or contractors. Just like in my place in the Philippines, I live in a land reservation for the employees of my parent’s company. This time, it is me who is the employee who stays in a reservation for the workers of one of the largest petrochemical companies in the world.

At first, the thought of being away from the city has brought much apprehension and uncertainty especially when I considered the fact that I am so much used to the city life in Manila. Well, it was just at first; I now like my current community. ;p 


Technically, our place is still in Saudi Arabia. However, I do not feel that I am in the land of the Arabs where strict rules on dress codes and gender mixing are very well enforced. You read that right, I do not feel that there are restrictions especially while I am in the community grounds wherein I could walk freely without thinking that somebody might abduct me or what… 


Almost every day I walk through the streets going to the supermarket, gym, the restaurant or just plainly strolling around the area. Even at night, the place is very well lit! Who wouldn’t feel secured in a place where ‘crime’ does not exist?! 

Aside from the breathtaking sceneries around the area, just a few meters away from our accommodation is the Red Sea. It reminds me of Puerto Galera with some areas resembling the Boracay Islands. When there is plenty of time to relax and stroll around, we (with co-nurses) never fail to pass by the sea shore to either watch the sun rise, sightseeing, swimming, fishing, snorkelling, or see the breathtaking sunset. The sunset view reminds me of the Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard. Also, numerous huge family cottages are available along the shoreline and each has a large table, shower, water faucet, a grilling place, all cottages adequately lighted and with source of electricity! All those are for free!!! 


Another notable feature of this community is the presence of separate Recreation Centers for Men and Women. I must say that the athletic-type guys and gals will consider these facilities their haven. ‘Talk about Fitness First style gym with sauna, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, audiovisual rooms, table tennis rooms, bowling room, volleyball court, pool tables, etcetera!


Since I am in the healthcare industry and we have colleagues in the Community Clinic, we do not have to worry about any health concerns while living far away from the city. We just have to drop by the clinic and make use of their emergency room services and/or the out patient departments; anyway, we are all insured by both the healthcare company and the petrochemical refinery company. 


How far is our place from the city? It’s 143 kilometers from Jeddah City. We are indeed far away from the “siyudad kung saan matatagpuan ang matataas na gusali at magagarang pasyalan.” A reader would readily ask, “How do you get to the city?” Well, regular trips are available too! And that is courtesy of both the healthcare company and the petrochemical company. So when we decide to go to the city, we could always go anytime! (The only hindrance to going to the city is the availability of a companion… You wouldn’t want to go alone in the city, right?) 

For a home-buddy like me, my accommodation is simply the perfect place to be! I live in a shared condominium-type flat with complete facilities. Beds, linens, numerous cabinets, sofas, furniture, refrigerator, electric stove, microwave oven, kettle, bathtub, aircon, television, a terrace, etcetera… And hey, did I mention that everything is for free including the telephone and high speed DSL connection?!?! That’s 24/7 internet and downloads for me! Who needs The Filipino Channel if you could go live streaming of every TV show in the Philippines over the internet? 

I just looove my place now. Everything is just right for me.

P.S. Accommodation and community-wise, both excellent. Work-wise, that’s a different story…


Anonymous said…
its so nice too see your place...can i ask what name of your hospital there in Jeddah? what and where is your agency here in Phlippines?

thank you..

lenj said…
hi! im guessing you're working for aramco? can you give me an idea ano sinusuot ng new hires (dental assistant)? thank you in advance!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
yes whats the name of your Hospital? and the agency here in Phil. thanks

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