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I was checking my blog list earlier and I noticed that I wasn't able to post one entry that supposedly was posted 3 days before my departure from the Philippines to Jeddah. Anyway, I still would like to post this entry since it really is related to what I'm missing big time right now: Free Wifi. Up to now we don't have a DSL connection that's why I still get out of our flat to search for a good unsecured connection. Inshallah it will be available soon. Internet is my life!!! Here's my post-dated post:

A world wide web addict would definitely love to stay in our neighborhood. Why? It's because almost every corner of our street here has free connectivity, let me repeat, that's FREE Wi-Fi. As in you'll just stay at a spot in the garden, or the garage, or even at the road, or across the road, you can always get an unprotected connection (meaning free access, not requiring passwords to connect to the internet). So that means free Google, free Yahoo!, free Facebook, free YouTube, free Twitter, and the list goes on. Thanks to the friendly, techy, and unselfish neighborhood and they let everybody who passes by our area experience the digital and connectivity generation. And also, thanks to my sister who unselfishly did not put a password on our router and everybody gets a very good internet connection. I don't know if she intentionally left it unprotected or she just didn't know how to place passwords. Haha.

Just yesterday, I claimed that my succeeding entries would focus on what I will be missing here in the Philippines when I leave and work for abroad. Yes you got that right, the free connectivity is one of those that I'll surely miss. I could always access the world wide web anytime I want! I could view any, as in ANY site I want without restrictions. However, my happy days have to end soon. I will be leaving my own Wi-fi zone.
And now that I am following my sister abroad, poor neighbors, they wouldn't be able to access our free Wi-Fi connection anymore for the simple reason that unlike before that my siblings and I use it almost all the time, now nobody will be using it anymore. But wait, my mom sometimes uses the personal computer when she prepares her lecture or checks her e-mail and Facebook, only that's once in a blue moon.

Hey neighbors, don't fret! Like what my title says you still have unlimited internet even our connection will be limited starting four days from now, you still have connections from other residences, and they are just so unselfish too to leave their network unprotected/password-free. Hooray!

I just hope that in our accommodation I will get unlimited, reasonable-speed, Wi-Fi access. If not, how will I be able to update my blog? How will I be able to pass UPOU projects on time? I'm crossing fingers till I get there.

3 days remaining...


Sa Akin Lang Po said…
the use of "once in a blue moon" as an idiomatic expression: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/once+in+a+blue+moon

for the meaning and origin of this idiom, click the link: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/once-in-a-blue-moon.html

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