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I have been to Macapagal Boulevard at Pasay City for the nth time already and the latest was just last night for a Christmas celebration. Thanks to the numerous Christmas parties around and I keep on enjoying a number of gastronomic treats! Of course my most favorite part of that boulevard is its Seaside Seafood Paluto Restaurant; a place where I never get off without gaining a few pounds because of their sumptuous seafood. 

Last night was not so extraordinary since all of the foods eaten were tried before (my family is a regular customer of Trinity Ihaw-ihaw and Food House), and I had nothing new (dish) which surprised me, or kept me thinking about for hours and when already at home. Yesterday, we tried another paluto restaurant, Aling Tonya's Seafood Paluto Restaurant. Definitely a new restaurant, with new taste.

But of course before trying to say some things about their service and the food, let me show a few photos from what I truly enjoy doing (aside from eating) at Seaside: Mamalengke! Haha.

As usual, they have that line of sea creatures displayed with their magnificent colors:

Some sea food with scales first. The dominating color along the lines of the seafood stalls there is shiny-red lapu-lapu, although there are some color-variations. I am not that familiar with fish names and just to name a few that I know, they also sell talakitok (cavalla), hito (fresh-water catfish), tilapia, tuna, and salmon.

Next, let me show to you some yummy looking crustaceans. Available for Tempura, Butter with Garlic/Chili, Spicy Chili Sauce, Steamed, Chili Garlic, Camaron Rebosado, and Sinigang are a variety of shrimps: Tiger Prawns, Suahe, and Hipong puti. Don't ask me about their differences, I don't know. But I really prefer to buy Tiger prawns because of the color. Also, they sell the much more pricey lobsters.

The straight line of stalls in the middle of the restaurants display the 'fresh' seafood, but if you really want the freshest, you may want to try to look around for large aquariums with the real live creatures.

Another arthropod, and perhaps one of the best sellers at Seaside are crabs. If you happen to walk on the crabs area, you will be hearing the vendors yelling, "Sir, babae ba, bakla, o lalaki?" They refer to the crab's meat:
Babae - More of the yellow stuff inside the crab's body, popularly known as 'aligue' to Filipinos and 'mustard' to foreigners.  It is actually the crab's hepatopancreas not fat.
Lalaki - More meat than aligue.
Bakla - The qualities of both 'lalaki' and 'babae.' In short, meaty and ma-aligue.
It really is the eater's preference on what he wants to choose here. Of course most would go for the 'bakla,' only it costs much than the other two.

Again, I do not know how to differentiate the crabs if they are babae, lalaki or bakla by looking at them. Just ask the friendly vendors. ;)

I hate the hassles of getting through the intricate anatomy of the crab to search for the yummiest meat hidden its body structure, so what I usually order is the 'sipit' or crab claws. Anyway, when they serve it cooked the sipits are already cracked for easy eating.

For appetizers, the aphrodisiacs are surely the best: tahong (green mussels) and talaba (oysters). You may also want to buy halaan (clams), scallops and kuhol (escargots) if you don't feel eating the aphrodisiacs. And oh, they also sell the slimy seaweeds.

I am not really a haggler expert not like my mom and my sister that is why I just tell the sales lady/boy to give me a bargain price. Sometimes saying, "Ate, ang mahal naman. Bawasan mo. Mas mura dun sa kabila eh," truly helps! Although I really have no idea when it comes to seafood prices.

Done with buying seafood, it is now time to search for a good palutuan. Like I have mentioned earlier, my family is an avid Trinity Ihaw-ihaw and Food House client but since I'm with somebody else, I searched on the web for Trinity's competition and it turned out it is Aling Tonya's. We tried to walk around Seaside to look for better looking restaurants but in the end we just settled for Aling Tonya's. And hey, Aling Tonya's has two restaurants in Seaside, Macapagal. 

A blog recommended their specialty Baked Talaba, so here it is.

Man, I really felt I was in heaven when I tasted their Baked Oysters with Garlic and Cheese! That alone has already perfected my night.

The next big thing is the restaurant's Spicy Crab Claws. I have tasted Butter with Chili Crabs from Aling Tonya's Alabang (along Daang-Hari Road) and I must say I appreciated that dish more. I can still recall how I licked the sauce off the shell. Yum yum! They do provide hinged crackers for those requesting.

For Filipinos, the daily meal is never complete without a soup dish. We had Sinigang na Salmon Belly sa Miso for our sabaw dish.

And of course, the Tiger prawns. We usually have those made to Tempura for the finger food together with Calamares, but a companion didn't want foods with breading mixes so we just ordered for Chili Garlic Shrimps.

We also ordered for a pitcher of iced tea. Personally, I don't advise people to take carbonated drinks, i.e., soft drinks, since it can make somebody bloated because of the 'spirit' trapped inside the stomach. Remember, you have a lot of food in front of you so why limit the intake because of the 'feeling of fullness,' right? Sayang naman ang pagkain, marami pa naman. Haha.

For the last course, we just had ripe mangoes from the restaurant itself. A mango costs 50 pesos each (when bought in their restaurant).

If you come in groups it would be wiser to just purchase fruits outside the restaurant. The fruit stands are located at the main entrance. They sell the common fruits sold at fruit stores like apples, oranges, pears, bananas, watermelons, melons, mangoes, rambutan, lanzones, longans, kiwis, guavas, and surprisingly, fresh cherries.

So most of the you may be asking, "Magkano ang damage?" Haha. Let me give to you the price list.

For the seafood bought in the wet market, total of 850 pesos:
PhP 175 - 1/2 Kilo salmon belly
PhP 185 - 1/2 Kilo sugpo
PhP 400 - 1 Kilo sipit (Crabs), 8 pieces large sipits
PhP 90 - 1 and 1/2 Kilos oysters
For Aling Tonya's Paluto services, total of 990 pesos:
PhP 740 - the cooking charge (the picture says it all)
PhP 100 - bowl of plain rice
PhP 150 - pitcher of iced tea

They charged us 10 pesos each towel for the alcoholized towels (to wipe off the sauce from the hands; picture below).

So that sums up to 1,840 pesos all in all. For me that's over for 2 individuals. Such amount could already feed about 4 to 5 persons.

Aling Tonya's Seafood Palutuan Cooking Charges:

So my ratings for that resto:
Food, 4/5 stars
Place, 3/5 stars
Service, 4/5 stars
Price, 3.5/5 stars
Now I can say, "I will come back next time." I would like to try Ginataang Kuhol (Escargots), Scallops, and Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu. And I am definitely coming back for their mouth watering Baked Talaba! Whew! Kailan kaya ulit?!


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