Sa Bus: Estudyante Po!

I know a lot of you guys are guilty of this: Claiming that you're still a student (even if you graduated 4 or 5 years ago) to manong konduktor when he collects your bus/jeep fare. Haha. I am guilty of that, up to now.

Before (and even after) graduation I always say, "Lawton, estudyante po," or, "Alabang galing po ng Lawton, estudyante po (sabay smile)." And then and there I readily get the discounted student-price. 

At work, we really do not expose our scrub suits in the streets because of 'infection control' [we use scrubs at the ER] and we bring our scrubs with us inside our bags and wear those when inside the hospital; then take it off and wear the clothing we used to get to work. So I can never be seen wearing uniform outside the hospital premises and manong konduktor couldn't argue with me that, "Naka-uniform ka na pang-nurse tapos estudyante?" Haha. Lucky me.

Besides I really do not look like 24 (my opinion). Some patients would even say, "Fresh graduate ka lang ba?" ---> Urrgghh.. This is the downside of looking young! <--- But poof! In return, I get to enjoy discounted bus fares whenever I go to Manila or Makati.

Some time I tried an experiment: I am heavily bearded and with a week of no-shave-mustache, still manong konduktor didn't even bother to ask for an identification to confirm that i'm still a student. Haha.

P.S. But for real, I am technically a student at the moment, a post-graduate student. Tee-hee! And I always bring my University ID with me just in case manong asks. Lol.


Anonymous said…
nakakarelate akow. hehehe. 26 na ko pero student pa rin sa bus, buti n lang di nakalagay kung masters student s ID namin. :P

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