I Am Leaving

It is now official, in 4 days I will be leaving the Philippines to work as a nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In a couple of days I will be part of the workforce overseas, and in a few month's time I will be contributing to the economy by adding to the country's dollar reserves through remittances. Lol!

Actually, I have been planning about this departure since March of this year but due to unexpected delays my excitement has slowly went 'gone with the wind.' The reason? There were issues about the male visas for nurses and other stuffs which kept me waiting for a month which then became 2 months, then 3 months, then 6 months, then 9 months until now. I will be talking about that on a separate entry. Meanwhile, I would like to enlist some things that I will be missing when I leave for abroad; and this is going to the bulk of my entries for the coming days. Things that I will surely miss.

It is the holiday season now in the Philippines and I must admit, like most guys and gals out there, that this is my favorite season of the year, the Christmas season. I just love the general mood of people around especially when I get to pass by malls and public places, they're happy, excited, and full of hope. Perhaps the 'togetherness' brought about by parties, receiving presents, the glittering lights around high rise structures, add to the general mood of happiness among Filipinos.

Other than what I have mentioned above, the most valuable reason for celebrating the holiday season for me is being with my family. I am the happiest whenever I spend time with the family complete. Since I am quite introverted and rarely hangs out with friends, each of my family member is whom I consider my 'buddy.' Of course I am much closer to my siblings primarily because of the same generation views and likes. But that doesn't mean I am not close to my parents, I am quite close to them too but I must say I am closer to my mom. My dad is a man of few words (just like me) and we rarely speak about my personal life other than things about my work and studies.

I have been with my family for the past 24 years and this is just the first time that finally I'll be moving out to be independent. I am quite excited (and anxious) to be living independently but I will surely miss being with my family, far from my family. So before I leave for abroad, I think it is just right for me to ask for a family dinner (and get together) wherein all of us would have a bonding time. I hope my request will be granted.

Countdown begins now...


DreiRN said…
Hi! If it is ok with you, san agency ka nagapply and what hospital? thank you :) You can send it to me through email dreirnisme@gmail.com thanks!
eloise said…
Me too,can u share the agency u have applied?my email add:emdprn@yahoo.com

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