Forbidden Foods

Just thinking about the subject of my entry today provokes my parietal cells for an untimely release of hydrochloric acid. Plus my mouth is already watering. Urrgghh. Here's my personal list of forbidden foods which I can't resist but crave for and mentally munch on while saying, "Saraaap!"

Well, like most of you have figured out, they are considered forbidden because of its unhealthiness, a lot of trans fat, the stroke inducing cholesterol, and of course the mind blowing calories. Hence, they're forbidden. But even with the full knowledge of those risks, a lot of us still crave for our beloved 'forbidden foods.' I guess I wouldn't be explaining much on the pictures below since you know what I'm referring to.

Chibab (chicharong bituka/deep fried pork intestines)

Chilak (chicharong bulaklak/deep fried pork omentum)

Lechon (litson/roast pig)

Isaw bulaklak (grilled pork intestines)

In just a few days, I'd be bidding bye-bye to my forbidden foods.

Does that mean: A year free of forbidden foods ≈ a year of healthy living? Urrggh.

2 days to go...

Note: The photos I used here are not mine. I got them from other food bloggers. You may want to check their sites too! Just click on the photo and you'll be directed to their blog.


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