Just The Way You Are

I do know I am not tone deaf. I do know that I can play a little of classical guitar, and I do know that I once was a 'Promil child' back then as I did very well in piano. And I can sing. As in I do sing. Unlike some guys/gals out there who claim that they can sing, but after hearing them you'd just say, "Oh, is that singing for them?" and suddenly you just want to grab the mic and get the spotlight from them to show them how it is to really sing. Haha. Enough of that. Anyway, that's just in my mind. I really do not sing in public unless forced to. I just miss studying musical notes and singing with the Nursing Chorale. Tee-hee!

Okay, let me go to the main point of blogging today. I was randomly browsing on YouTube and found these guys' version of Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are. And darn, they almost beat the original!

These guys are good! Hands down. If a guy would sing this to his girlfriend or somebody he is courting, I bet it's a sure 'YES.'


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