I Have Been Procrastinating Lately

For the past few weeks, I admittedly have been killing time doing nothing worthwhile on my free days. I either would just go online and check and refresh my Firefox tabs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo Mail, The Pirate Bay, BTJunkie, Spoiler TV, and others, or just spending an hour and a half on downloaded movie torrents, then back again on that online stuff. To be frank (to my self), I do have a lot of potential things to do to satisfy what Horace suggests on how to spend one's valuable time: Carpe diem. That includes cleaning the entire house (or even just a portion), waxing the car (to make it squeeky clean once again), and read the required reading assignment for my masters degree; But just the small thought of doing those readily bores me... Urgh.

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo grimaces in pain. Photo: AP
Just now, I logged in at UPOU's MyPortal site and I was welcomed with a very strong slap on the face after learning about a bunch of additional reading requirements. Darn! The moment I start to think about printing those reading materials or even just the thought of going through those hundreds of pages weakens me. Sometimes I even want to shout and scream just to let loose of that 'hate' on reading books and journals having 10 as the font size, single-spaced, Times New Roman, picture-less articles!!! (Screaming the perfect way... --> Hahahaha... ;p)

I'm just venting out. Anyway, I just have to start reading or I'll be left out by the class. Can somebody share me that I-love-books attitude?! Okay, tomorrow I'll start reading again... <-- See? I'm procrastinating again! Waaaahhhh!

Sa akin lang po... Why not make the modern class learn the modern way. Give us interactive sessions and cut on the boring, traditional stuffs!


Joe E. said…
We are on the same page my friend. It's quite ironic that we are using technology to learn at UPOU and yet somehow it seems like we are doing it the traditional way.

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