Condom Use Is Okay

I attended the Sunday mass earlier and the priest's main topic revolved around the Bishop's order to disseminate the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines' position statement on the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill in the Congress. Clearly, the priest was anti-RH bill as he gave so much examples of how artificial family planning methods go against the Church's teachings. The only thing that seemed okay for me was his claim that the church can never be separated from the state (because the church deals with morality, and everything that concerns the citizens of a state is based on moral issues, ergo, state and church are inseparable).

I really can't tell if my professors in Bioethics back then in college weren't that good enough to convince me that artificial planning can be immoral. Or maybe, my thoughts are really that fixed on that aspect; that I am pro-choice. What I can remember is that any means of deviating to the natural aspect of procreation is considered unethical. Just like condom use.

Well, we really can not deny the fact the today's generation is more experimental and more liberated. And because of this liberation, many are involved with unplanned pregnancies (which may lead to abortion) and sexually transmitted diseases. Though the church's solution to that, abstinence, is a sure-ball hit to the priests, abstaining seems to be the word of the past. Present that suggestion to college students and young professionals now and try to get their most honest response on that matter, I am pretty sure there will only be a minute number who will buy that option. Why can't the church accept the very loud fact that the present's generation can not promise to abstain anymore? Why can't they accept the fact that according to evidence-based research, condoms really are effective in HIV prevention?

I just tuned in to the news and the Pope just claimed in his book that condoms may be justified to stop the spread of AIDS. Hooray! I wonder what the CBCP would say on this next Sunday. Surely, this will spark opinions from Catholics and non-Catholics worldwide.

Sa akin lang po... We are the ones who shape our lives, as long as we let God guide us on our path, I believe it is just right that we decide for ourselves.


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