2nd Semester Starts

I am soooo not sure about my future as a post-graduate degree student now.

Earlier I already logged in for my two subjects this second semester for my Master’s Degree. And darn, the moment I read the course outline and the requirements I was already saying, “Shit, paano ito?” One subject requires practicum. I personally have no problem with that since I am pretty confident with my skills as a nurse but what bothers me most is the schedule. It is just November 2010 right now and they already have pre-scheduled the date for the practicum this coming March 2011. The thing is I still don’t know about my future work! Currently, I have an application to Jeddah, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an ER Nurse and if in case I am about to leave this (hopefully) December 2010  then I wouldn’t be able to attend the practicum!

FYI, I am pursuing Masters Degree in Nursing at an Open University. So that means I am taking courses online. Although I didn’t have problems in my first semester, I personally think those are just about to come this 2nd sem.

Back to my problem. Actually, there are options for students who are abroad and those from the Visayas and Mindanao region: to find a clinical preceptor who can serve as your instructor and he/she must have RN, MAN beside his/her name, while you perform the required activities inside a hospital, an approved hospital. I don’t really know a lot about how that will happen but at this point in time, I am totally clueless. I guess I just have to get to my Faculty-In-Charge to ask about things.

Next, the other subject’s requirement:
A Community Mental Health Plan is the final output for this course. It is a project or activity proposal with the following objectives:
a. to describe the current mental health situation of a chosen community;
b. to assess the current mental health resources in the community;
c. to demonstrate possible ways to improve the mental health condition of the community through mental health promotion or intervention and rehabilitation of persons with mental illness.
So how am I going to choose a community in a land where I am just a newcomer? Of course I myself will have to adapt first before I start to assess a certain community, and from others responses it takes months or even half a year before they say they have already adapted. And even more challenging thing is that I will be dealing with a new culture, with different religious backgrounds and a lot more bizarre things. 

Sa akin lang po... Ohh.. Help me.


Anonymous said…
good day.. help namanposome pointer in prometric exams... thanx a lot
Anonymous said…
good day... help naman po pointers sa prometric,... i have 2 weeks of preparation before the exam..your suggestion may help a lot and really appreciated. God Bless...,

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