In Response to a Pinoy Asking about the Housing Problem in Auckland

This is not a blog post (although I really wanted to post a new one soon) but just a reply to a comment from an anonymous follower. I realized that my comment was so long that it seemed like an entire blog post already... Here it is..
Hi, first of all this is an informative blog and i hope you are doing good and you still have time to answer.
Question lang po:1. Anong City po ba ang expensive? (state po ang house/apt rental fee)2. Anong City po ba ang madaling makahanap ng work?3. Mabilis po ba ang internet sa NZ?4. Kumusta po ba ang pagkain? alin ang mahal pinoy food o kiwi food?5. Kung sakali STUDY, then WORK, then IMMIGRATE ok po ba eto?6. Ilang years bago makakuha ng CAP?Marami pa po sana pero i guess above is enough and for sure yong sagot nyo ay makakatulong din katulad sa amin.
Salamat! Hi. I only lived in two cities in New Zealand and now based in Auckland. Auckland is definitely more expensive when it comes to apartment/house rental fees; I guess it is a general rule that when …

My Car Maintenance Essentials

When you own a car, you are responsible for its maintenance. Aside from regular service checks and keeping the registration and warrant of fitness up to date, it is also expected for the owner to maintain both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

I do not have any trouble with maintenance as it has been part of my weekly routine. Never has there been a week that passed that I missed keeping my car looking just the way I got it from the car shop. I own a black car and black colored vehicles are notorious for environmental marks (rain, dust) and blemishes from whatever forces of nature. Although it is somehow costly to maintain it, I just love the feeling of contentment after seeing it squeeky clean again.
Here are the products I use for the exteriors of my car. More information is available 
1. Turtle Wax' Jet Black Black Spray Detailer. Just spray it on black surfaces and wipe with microfiber cloth and you'll end up with a sweet looking vehicle. 2. Turtle Wax Performance Plus…

Things I Want to Do This Year

It is a brand new year again and it is the perfect time to make new year's resolutions. I don't know if this will work at all but I believe that if something is written down on whatever platform it will make the person stick to that resolution a bit more... And there's no better place to put my resolutions for this year other than this blog. So here's my 6 for 2016.

1. Better health, better body. I would like to invest in my health and be physically fit before it's too late! As a health professional, I am used to seeing the consequences of unhealthy behavior which has taken its toll to most of the patients I see in the Emergency Department. And majority of conditions treated in the hospital are preventable. So just like what my parents tell me, act now before it's too late.

I will strive hard to at least work-out to keep a toned body and to run/jog/walk to maintain a good cardiovascular system like I have when I was in my early twenties.

2. Be more sociable. I k…

Goodbye 2015, Welcome 2016!

Hello! I know it took me months before I get to write something here again. I do have a lot of memories and good times this year but did not have time make time to sit and reminisce the moments. I don’t want to regret in the future why I didn’t share my thoughts in this blog because, to be honest, randomly reading my blog entries for the past years brings back good memories and in turn leaves me in a good mood. So I might as well jot down some memories of 2015 to have a go-to in times that I need to look back.

January 2015 was the time I had to go back to New Zealand for work after spending the holiday season in the Philippines. That holiday spent in the Philippines was a first in 4 years as I was always in Saudi Arabia spending Christmas time since 2010. So Christmas in 2014 was indeed a memorable time for me. I spent the season with family and got to visit Palawan with mates from New Zealand.

Getting a car first thing in 2015 was temporarily crossed out in my list as I made a life-cha…

Palawan: World's Most Beautiful Island

Oh yes I'm still alive! After a long hiatus, I'm back again. I've been meaning to write some things about what's been happening in my life but time keeps on flying and I can't grab it!!!

I was a balikbayan in the Philippines last December 2014 and it was a blast... I visited Palawan with mates and work buddies here in New Zealand. Apparently, Palawan is regarded by many as the "world's most beautiful island." I don't have a point of reference as I am not really well traveled but I suppose multiple claims of international travel magazines say a lot about the island.

We had three days in Puerto Princesa to see one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River, roamed around the city, shopped for pearls, adventure with nature, and enjoyed fresh seafood. Then a few more days in Coron's crystal clear beaches, played with Nemo and his friends, island hopping, snorkel, never ending WOW moments and breathtaking sceneries…